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In this Free Training Webinar You Will Learn:

  1. Key Strategies to Increase Engagement and Participation
  2. Increase Understanding of How Children/Students with ASD Learn
  3. How to Use Schedules for the child you know.
  4. Strategies for Communication
  5. Practical Tool for Time Management
  6. Using the Special Interests

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Why Is This Free Webinar for Me?


ASD Facts #1 Not Every Strategy Works for Every Child

You need to review 100s of ideas and strategies to find the ones that work and/or you can modified for the child you know.

ASD Fact #2 Strategies Wear Out

Really frustrating to put hours into a preparing a strategy only to find it doesn’t work and/or wears out. You will hear how strategies make it easy to quickly adjust and try new ideas without the fear of wasting excessive effort/time.

ASD Fact #3 To Know One Child with Autism is not to Know Autism

Every child on the Spectrum is different. Having had one (or few) children on the Spectrum in your class does mean the same strategies will work. In fact 1 in 10 strategies will work for a child on the Spectrum. You get access to strategies that have worked with 100s of different children – it’s like you get to know 100s of children on the spectrum and what as worked for them.

Dealing With "Behaviours" and wondering "Why are they doing that?"

Introduction to insights and framework of why some children do what they do… and what you can do about.

Save You Time ... lots of time

You could spend hours searching the internet for ideas … or watch one Webinar that has Key Strategies: Practical and Proven