10 Key Strategies

to Increase Engagement & Participation

when have a Student on the Autism Spectrum – Free Webinar

In this Free Training Webinar You Will Learn:

  1. Key Strategies to Increase Engagement and Participation
  2. Increase Understanding of How Children/Students with ASD Learn
  3. How to Use Schedules for the child you know.
  4. Strategies for Communication
  5. Practical Tool for Time Management
  6. Using the Special Interests

3 Quick Steps to an Amazing Year

When Have A Student in Your Class on the Autism Spectrum

Step 1

13 Key Strategies for Setting Up Your Classroom When You Have A Student On The Autism Spectrum

(Free Webinar #1)

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Step 2

10 Key Strategies to Increase Engagement When You Have A Student On The Autism Spectrum

(Free Webinar #2)

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Step 3

54+ Time Savers, Quick Proven Strategies & Resources

 In depth Course – Teaching Strategies and Behaviour Support

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Your Most Amazing Teacher Year!

Will this Work for Me and the Child I know?

I had heard great things about all of Sue Larkey’s courses. I completed the 45 minute course ‘Key Strategies for Success’ and found this extremely useful.  I then chose to complete the longer course. Not only did this course give me a very extensive range of strategies to try,  I now have a much clearer understanding of ASD, what it can look like and that it is never the same in two children.”

“My son’s teacher said it’s the best in- service she has ever had! She has had an epiphany! She understands it all so much better. She has some great ideas for the aide! She feels empowered and inspired! This is so great for all her future students too.”

Also, can you please pass on to Sue that her course has made the life of one little girl in my room a whole lot easier. Only diagnosed with severe autism this year – the first year of Kindergarten – I was at a loss as I had never taught a child with autism before. This little girl has made me a better teacher and I think, a better person! So on behalf of her, and myself please tell your amazing wife that she is changing lives ???? Jane (Teacher

Certificate of Attendance is only issued for the 5 x 1 hour Course (not this Free Webinar)


Accredited 5 x 1 Hour Course

The Course can be used for Teacher Professional Development Hours in UK


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Will this Work for Me?

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