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Every Strategy You Need Right At Your Fingertips To Support The Kids You Know In Early Years.  

This book is full of practical ideas to give neurodiverse children the keys to learning. Over 500 strategies explaining why to teach certain skills such as ‘finish’ and ‘stop’ and different ways to teach them.

Remember strategies wear out and not every strategy works for every child that is why I have given you a range of strategies that you can tailor to the child you know.



What will I learn from this book?


Early Years – The Foundation for ALL Learning (Digital Book)


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Greta, Year 2 Teacher

“Your modules have taught me so much and I definitely feel I communicate with my student in a more defined and measured way. He’s responding beautifully and is loving the security of the new ideas, his role within the class and the respect he receives. I thank you Sue from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you Sue for teaching an old girl new tricks. I’ve been teaching for over 40 years and despite retirement 6 years ago I love the challenges of the profession and I love the new learning and insights I’m experiencing now.“

Eliza, Parent & Teacher

“I am both a Mum to an 3 year old with autism and an English teacher, and feel you really addressed important issues in a practical and informative way. I feel I have many new strategies to try and implement and have benefited from the examples you have provided. I am also grateful my son’s teacher and learning support teacher are both doing your webinar too, so together we should be able to make a difference to my son’s learning and engagement with the world.”

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