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Student Wellbeing Bundle

The Ultimate Package of Social and Emotional Strategies

for Neurodiverse Students


“Connection Enhances Capacity
to Learn”

On-Demand Courses to Help You Teach Children

with Neurodiversity and Make a Difference

Learn from world-renowned Autism Spectrum Expert Sue Larkey


How to Help Children Recognise and Regulate Emotions

How to Enhance Social Interactions in the classroom and outside the classroom, and much more.

Certificates issued upon course completion

6 hours of Accredited Professional Development (NESA, TQI, PL in all states)


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6 Hours of Educators Professional Development over the next 3 months

The Ultimate Package of  Student Wellbeing for Neurodiverse Students in Busy and Complex Classrooms.

In depth understanding of managing behaviour, emotions and social skills of children with Neurodiversity and their peers by Australian expert – Sue Larkey, Teacher, Author, MA Spec Ed.

  • Understand how children connecting helps students learn for Student Wellbeing
  • Implement strategies for effective communication with non-verbal or limited-verbal children
  • How to Facilitate Social Interactions
  • How to Adapt to Individual Learning Styles
  • How to Maintain Attention and Engagement
  • How to Address Sensory Sensitivities and Create a sensory-friendly classroom environment to accommodate sensory challenges
  • How to Promote Inclusion and Integration
  • Foster an inclusive classroom that supports and respects all students individual needs

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Social Emotional Learning

The Ultimate Student Wellbeing Strategies for Neurodiverse Students in Busy and Complex Classrooms.

Course 1 – Sue Larkey – Emotional Regulation for Neurodiverse Students (Self-Management & Self-Awareness)

In this course you will learn how to teach Emotional Regulation for Neurodiverse Students (Self-Management & Self-Awareness) in your busy & complex classroom:

  • Understand the crucial role of emotional regulation in students with Autism Spectrum, ADHD, ODD, PDA, and OCD.
  • Learn to develop tailored strategies for self-management and self-awareness.
  • Align your teaching with ACARA Personal and Social Capability learning continuum and NESA PDHPE syllabus elements to ensure comprehensive student development.
  • The importance of consistent and specific language to support students understand and regulate their emotions
  • Foster Emotional Literacy: Teach students to connect emotions so students can identify what each emotion feels like and how to self manage
  • Implement journaling strategies to analyse students’ own emotions and corresponding events, promoting emotional awareness and growth.
  • Help students explore and identify the physical signs of emotions within the body fostering self-awareness
  • Individualised Self-Regulation Strategies:Develop personalised self-regulation plans for each student, considering their unique needs and preferences.
  • Adaptable & Effective Teaching: Learn to adapt and adjust strategies as needed, ensuring their continued effectiveness and relevance for your students

Also includes:

  • 74 Downloadable Pages of Printables and Templates.
  • Transcript of Course
  • Programme – 5 Steps for Teaching Emotions
  • My Feelings Journal and Instructions on How to use in your classroom

Course 2 –  Sue Larkey – Developing Social Skills for Children with Diverse Learning Needs

In this Course you will learn:

  • Learn the multiple learning styles for neurodiverse students to increase social awareness and skills
  • Apply the ACARA Framework to classroom practice
  • Learn and apply the Four Common Teaching Methods to teach Social and Emotional Learning
  • Understand how to differentiate your teaching strategies for a truly inclusive classroom experience.
  • Hear from a Lived Experience: Dean Beadle, as he shares his personal journey with Autism
  • Utilize the Theory of the Six Stages of Play to identify and support your neurodiverse students’ collaboration skills.
  • Enhance Neurodiverse student’s development in the Personal and Social learning continuum.
  • Key Social Skills to Consider: Delve into the crucial aspects of social skills, including body language, tone of voice, greetings, and more.Promote Reasonable
  • Adjustments & Strategies: Learn the importance of adjustments and teaching strategies for developing social awareness, decision-making, and social management in neurodiverse students.
  •  Six Stages of Friendship Development.
  • Understanding the Role of Friendships, turn-taking, and positive relationships in your classroom for diverse students.
  • Align your teaching with the Australian Disability Standards for Education 205 to ensure equal access and support.
  • Enrol your Community to develop and implement inclusive social and emotional adjustments for your students across all school environments.


Developing Social Skills (Digital Book)

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  • Over 500 Strategies
  • 141 Pages
  • Time Savers for busy teaching staff and carers
  • Printable Worksheets
  • Content Pages Below

For NSW & ACT Teachers Information (Proficient Level)

Course 1 – NESA & TQI Accredited 3 hours

Course 2 – NESA & TQI Accredited 3 hours

The Ultimate Student Wellbeing Strategies for Neurodiverse Students in Busy and Complex Classrooms.

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