Welcome to my Winter School of Courses:

The Course is available right now and I want you go get the most out of that next 10 weeks.

If you bought 2 Course Bundle you have 6 months!

Your login details should arrive in a separate email soon.

The Link below is your PERSONAL Course Page and one you will return to each time to watch a Lesson over the next 10 weeks

  1. Page to Login: Your Personal Course Page  – (or paste http://elearning.suelarkey.com.au/my-courses/ into Browser)

If site doesn’t automatically recognise you are returning it will ask for your username & password

2. Username is the email address you used to during the purchase process.
3. Password: the one you selected when bought this course.

4. Print out handouts.  These are available under the Introduction Video on the Course 

5. Technical Help 
Eliza or Andrew are going to help you so please email her directly:
[email protected]  or Call/Txt him 0418 320 295

6. Quiz to open next lesson

Each Lesson builds on the next, so after each Lesson there is a quick quiz (nothing too hard) to complete to then get access to the next lesson.
– At the end of the course your Certificate of Participation will be immediately available.

7. Email questions to me
I will be available for questions over the 10 week course.
If you have any questions can I please ask you email me directly at
My Personal Email for all your questions is [email protected]
Subject: Question from online course (this will ensure I get back to you asap)

Please understand I travel up to 3 days a week so may take a few days to get back to you. I really look forward to your questions, comments and supporting you to get the most out of the 10 weeks.

Best Wishes

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