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Sue Larkey

Sue Larkey

Teacher, Masters Special Education, Author, Speaker


Sue Larkey is a highly qualified educator who has taught students with autism spectrum disorder in the mainstream and special schools. She combines practical experience with extensive research having completed a Masters in Special Education and currently undertaking a Doctorate in Education. Winner of Naturally Autistic 2013 International Award for Community Contribution.   Sue has authored many books on autism spectrum disorders. She believes that armed with the tools of understanding and confidence, much can be achieved.

Some of Sue Larkey’s achievements include:

  • Winner of Naturally Autistic 2013 International Award for Community Contribution
  • Podcast ‘Sue Larkey’ over 500,000 downloads
  • Over 130,000 subscribers to her weekly E-Newsletter in over 30 countries
  • Authored over 18 Books for Educators, Teacher Assistants, Parents/Carers
  • 120,000 Facebook in her Community to Embrace Difference to make a Difference
  • Given hundreds of speeches including International and National Conferences
  • A source of inspiration for parents/carers, support workers, teachers, teacher assistants, educators and more


Dr Temple Grandin

Dr Temple Grandin

Autism Advocate, Professor at Colorado State University, Time Magazine Top 100 Influencers, USA National Woman's Hall of Fame, Subject of HBO Movie that won 5 Emmys

Dr Temple Grandin is one of the most respected individuals with Autism in the world. She presents at conferences around the world, helping hundreds of thousands of educators and families understand how to teach and engage students on the autism spectrum. Informed by both her lived experience and the latest academic, evidence-based research, Temple shares her valuable insights into how to increase a student’s engagement and participation in education and beyond. 

Temple Grandin did not speak until she was three and a half. She was diagnosed with Autism, and the experts at the time urged her parents to institutionalise her. Temple was bullied and teased at school, and even expelled from one of her high schools. However, through the encouragement and strategies used by her mother and teacher (Dr Carlock), Temple went onto a hugely successful career in animal behaviour and has become a trailblazing spokesperson for people with autism. Her incredible story is the subject of the Emmy Award winning movie, “Temple Grandin”

Some of Dr Temple Grandin’s achievements include:

  • One of the most influential people in the world according to TIME Magazine’s annual honours list for 2010. Where she was named alongside Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs.
  • National Women’s Hall of Fame inductee in 2017. For her research and advocacy but most importantly her impact on young women everywhere, breaking into a largely male -dominated animal production industry
  • Professor at Colorado State University for over 20 years. 
  • In 2020, Temple was named in Top 10 College Professors in the United States (CEOWORLD Magazine)
  • More than 6 Million views of her Ted Talk that outlined Three different ways of Autistic Ways of Thinking
  • The subject of HBO award-winning film about her life including her childhood, career and accomplishments. The HBO Movie starred Clare Danes and won 5 Emmys. 
  • Completed a Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Animal Science
  • Given hundreds of speeches in her career and has shared priceless insights into the way the autistic mind works.
  • Authored books, pre-reviewed scientific papers in both Autism, Environmental Enrichment, Livestock handling and animal safety.

Course Presenter – Dr Tony Attwood

Dr. Tony Attwood has an Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Hull, Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Surrey and a PhD from the University of London. Tony has over thirty years of experience with individuals with..

Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD).

Tony is an outstanding communicator: appearing on 60 Minutes, ABC’s Health Report, presenting workshops around the world and sold over 400,000 of his book Asperger’s Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals, and it has been translated into twenty languages.

Recent UK Presentations

  • National Autism Society, London – Topic NAS Masterclass with Tony Attwood Managing feelings: cognitive behaviour therapy for autistic people to manage anxiety, sadness and anger.
  • Acorn Care, Wakefield Yorkshire – Topic: Diagnosis of ASD and ASD-Level 1 (AS) – Managing challenging behaviour in children & adolescents with autism
  • Medica, Manchester – Topic: Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Autism Oxford, Oxfordshire – Topic: Attwood on Asperger’s & Autism
  • MindSenseAbility, Southhampton – Topic: Managing Anxiety, Behaviour and Sensory Processing difficulties (including sensory integration strategies). Strategies to build relationships and reduce bullying, How to help individuals with ASD access learning
  • Autism Diagnosticians’ Forum (NI) – Topic: Managing Feelings: Cogntive Behaviour Therapy to Manage Anxiety, Sadness and Anger (ASD-Level 1 Asperger’s Syndrome), Managing Challenging Behaviour in Children with ASD-Level 1

He has worked with several thousand individuals, from infants to octogenarians, from profoundly disabled persons to university professors.

Teachers and Parents love hearing what he has to say and come away armed with practical tools to make a difference.


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