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  • Are you a busy professional or family member looking for practical strategies to help a student, child or young adult with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis?
  • Are you a teacher, teacher-aide, child-care worker looking for recognised/accredited Professional Development?

Sue Larkey is a highly qualified special educator in mainstream and special schools. She is currently working toward a Doctorate of Education, focusing on inclusive education.She has authored several books and resource materials. Sue is unashamedly passionate about her mission –  to inspire parents and educators and teach them them how to Make it a Success . Sue has a remarkable ability to captivate her audience for an entire day and online course.  Attendees come away fuelled with strategies and ideas to teach children with an autism spectrum disorder.

“Armed with the tools of understanding and confidence much can be achieved.”

Sue Larkey

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Sue’s Online Training Courses are also used by schools and child-care centres – small and large – for group staff training.

Staff can register to start immediately and the School/Organsation pay later.

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Getting Ready for 2018 – Transitioning Students

After doing my course, so many teachers and teacher aides say to me I wish I knew all this information before I started with my student.

Please consider doing my Online Course now and then email Andrew to arrange to keep available so can review in Term 1 after the holidays.

Here are some ideas on transition

There 100s of practical ideas and strategies on my Tips Sheet page on Teaching & Behaviour Strategies, Promoting Understanding and more

Tip Sheet

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