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This course is designed for Teacher Assistants* to help support students with diverse needs to engage and learn. You can select topics of interest to you and your students. This method allows you to learn at your own pace. It also included great time savers e.g. templates ready to download and cheat sheets to use immediately

  • Certificate provided on completion of the course.
  • Tax Invoice issued immediately on Purchase.
  • The course is self-paced and you will have access to all 2 hours of training which you can view at a time on any device.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if feel this course is not for you.
  • Can Extend Access Time at Anytime.

Bonuses (during Teacher Assistant Appreciation Week)

  • Members Only ‘Angels” Facebook Group  (ie Teacher Assistants, Teacher Aides, SSO, ESS, etc I call you angels) 
  • $20 Off Sue Larkey 5 Hour Online Course Coupon
  • Transcript of Course
  • 2 Extra Weeks to Access Materials & Course
  • Transcript of Teacher Assistant Podcast

* Teacher Assistants are called different names depending on where you are eg Teacher Aides, SSO, Teaching Assistants, Educational Assistants, Classroom Assistants, Instructional Aides, Paraprofessionals, Paraeducators.

What You Will Learn On This Course

  • Identify the challenges to learning experienced by the student with an ASD and by the teacher of a student with ASD; and,
  • Be presented with a model (Ten Key Strategies) to assist them to develop.
Participants will:
  • Be presented with a range of learning scenarios which will be analysed from the perspective of a student with an ASD - appropriate strategies and resources will be suggested and discussed;
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with the student with an ASD in order to maximise their understanding, participation and learning;
  • Learn how to structure the learning and social environments (classroom and playground/recreation spaces) to best cater for the needs of their student/s with an ASD; and be presented with a range of ideas.
  • Introduced to the types of behaviours frequently exhibited by students with an ASD;
  • Provided with guides for analysing these behaviours in order to develop appropriate and proactive classroom environments and behaviour management strategies;
  • Taught how to identify likely stressors for individual students with an ASD; and taught how to develop a profile and, if appropriate, fellow students.

Participants will be encouraged to:
  • Reflect on their own classroom environment and teaching practices in the context of the information, ideas and concepts provided by Sue Larkey;
  • Share their experiences, successes and failures with colleagues;
  • Communicate regularly and effectively with other key individuals in the student's life in order to achieve a more holistic understanding of each student with ASD; and
  • Explore and utilise the many resources available to them prepared specifically with the student with and ASD in mind.


Lesson 1:
  • What is Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Autism Learning style
  • Using Schedules & Timers
  • Key teaching strategies from Preschool to Secondary and beyond
  • What is ODD?
  • 10 Key Strategies to Setting up Your Classroom

Lesson 2
  • Understanding ASD – Let’s dive in deeper to Understanding ASD
  • Girls with ASD
  • 10 Essential Strategies for Understanding ASD
  • “Why kids with ASD do what they do?”
  • 10 Key Strategies for Success
  • Executive Functioning: 7 Common Signs & What to do
  • ASD, ADHD, Epilepsy, Tourette’s, OCD

Lesson 3
  • Classroom strategies
  • Using Tokens for success
  • What are Visuals and How to Use
  • Motivators: How to use
  • How to Motivate and use Special Interests
  • Timers/ Routine/ Schedules
  • Tips for Toilet Training – an example of using Timers, Routine & Schedules for Success
  • Understanding Processing and impact on Learning & Engagement

Lesson 4
  • Promoting understanding in peers
  • Social skills
  • Using Social Scripts
  • Teaching play
  • Strategies for playgrounds

Lesson 5
  • What are ASD behaviours
  • Using a Summary Profile to Increase Awareness with ALL staff
  • Sensory Meltdowns
  • Sensory Processing Disorder – What is it? How to look for?
  • 10 Common Causes of Sensory Meltdowns
  • What to do when child/student has Sensory Meltdown
  • 10 Common Causes of Behaviour Meltdowns
  • What to do when child/student has a Behaviour Meltdown
  • Meltdown verses Tantrums
  • What to do when a child/student has a tantrum

 Same content as Sue Larkey Live Workshops. √  5 hours of Accredited Teacher Training to NSW (NESA, MyPL), ACT (TQI), VIC (VIT Maintenance) & QLD, SA, WA, TAS, NT to Australian Teachers Standards. Certificate issued at   successful conclusion of the course. IMMEDIATE access to the course - √  Access to bonus strategies, videos, time savers and resources. √  Ongoing support via direct question to Sue and a online community. √  Relavant to all Teachers (Early Childhood, Primary & Secondary), Parents and Other Professionals. √ Perfect for Teachers, Child Care Staff & Professionals who can get 1 hour release time per week do Professional Development. [pdf-embedder url="http://elearning.suelarkey.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Sue-Larkey-Online-Course-Flyer.pdf" title="Sue Larkey Online Course Flyer"] Note - Participants can start immediately registered 

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What People Say About Sue’s Online Workshops

“I had heard great things about all of Sue Larkey’s courses. I completed the 45 minute course ‘Key Strategies for Success’ and found this extremely useful. I then chose to complete the longer course. Not only did this course give me a very extensive range of strategies to try, I now have a much clearer understanding of ASD, what it can look like and that it is never the same in two children.”
“I recently completed the 5 hour online course ‘Making it a success.’ I initially chose to complete this course as I have a little person in my Preschool class this year who has ASD. I have never taught a child who has ASD before and so I have been feeling very anxious and overwhelmed. I just felt that I didn’t have enough knowledge or skills to teach this little person effectively.
“Thank you again for the opportunity to take part in these extremely informative modules and for all your wonderful teaching tools and resources. I will highly recommend this course to other teachers.” Cathy Time Saver Clock
Many thanks for the webinar online course content … I powered through it Your such a pleasure to watch and it really feels like your in the room and only speaking to me... we could be having coffee,I strongly believe your courses SHOULD BE REQUIRED LEARNING FOR ALL TEACHERS. Many thanks again.Your amazing" Tiffany, Parent
“Your passion shines through every module and it is so very motivating, thank you.” Claire Western Australia
“You would have to be one of the best presenters I have seen. It has been fantastic and I have really benefited (as will the families and children I work with) in applying many of the strategies in my work as an Earlylinks/ inclusion project worker” Kim
“Thank you Sue for the most relevant and practical PD I have ‘attended’. WOW! Having the download notes prior was a great idea. I actually went back and watched the episodes again as it takes me time to soak in the info.Thank you again for giving me a new passion and understanding for all those little cherubs in my class.” Therese, Teacher
“Thank you Sue for your very enlightening course. I wish I had learnt all these pointers some years ago.”  Lorraine, Teacher
Completing Developing Early Childhood Approaches for children with Additional Needs will contribute 5 hours NESA Registered PD addressing 1.5.2, 1.6.2, 3.1.2, 3.5.2, 4.3.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW

Some of the key points I took away were: *You can’t stop the behaviour, you can change it. *Time management = anxiety management. *The difference between sensory meltdown, behaviour meltdown and tantrum.I feel much more confident in being the teacher for this little person.  This course was fabulous and I would highly recommend it to other educators of children with ASD. Thanks so much Sue for providing such a valuable resource.”?Kathleen, Teacher“I’m really enjoying the online PD and have lots of ideas that I can take back to my class.” Penny“I am both a Mum to a &yr old with ASD and an English teacher, and feel you really addressed important issues in a practical and informative way. I feel I have many new strategies to try and implement and benefited from the examples you provided. I’m also grateful my son’s teacher and learning support teacher are both doing your webinar too, so together we should be able to make a difference to my son’s learning and engagement with the world” Fiona, Parent“I just finished your course and found it extremely helpful.”“My son’s teacher said it’s the best in- service she has ever had! She has had an epiphany! She understands it all so much better. She has some great ideas for the aide! She feels empowered and inspired! This is so great for all her future students too.”
“It was all you promised – practical, fast moving, fun and motivational. You have a great understanding of ASD and a true talent for sharing your knowledge and passion in a way we can relate to.”
“Thank you for organising these online modules for training. They are great! Easy to follow and full of fantastic strategies for you to walk away with. A must for ALL teachers.” John, Indonesia
“I just finished the online course. I got a lot out of it, I wish more people would do the course! I appreciate your time and enthusiasm!” Annemarie, Parent child with ASD
“Firstly I just want to thank you for such an enjoyable, & educational online course about understanding autism. I thoroughly enjoyed each module and cold have easily listened to you talk for another 5 hours! After finishing the modules I cannot wait to get back into the classroom and put some of your tips and idea into practice. I personally enjoyed watching the videos of children on the ASD and then listening to you speak of those specific cases. For me those real examples made things very clear and understandable.” Rebecca

I really enjoyed Sue Larkey's course tremendeously and have learned a great deal, not to mention gaining a new perspective on so many things. Sue was easy to listen to and she kept me engaged with her enthusiasm and obvious caring nature, as she spoke about the children and her experiences with the children, their families and how she has helped them with their many challenges.
Sue's detailed insight of so many things on ASD/Aspergers has suddenly shed so much light onto so many issues for a number of students (and a few children outside my working environment) for me. It made me want to watch it all again, just to see if I can retain even more the second time around. There was just so much to take in. Some of the simpliest ideas and tips have already helped me in dealing with kids one on one. She mentions in her video that if we thought there was any part of the lessons that should be taken out, or perhaps replaced with something else. Well I don't feel I have enough experience as yet, to offer advice as to what needs to be added in her videos, but I personally don't feel there was anything she should take out! There wasn't one lesson that I didn't enjoy and found myself discussing it with others and they definitely made ME stop and think about the way I DO and SAY things a lot more when dealing with the children.
Some of the simpliest of tips which have made me stop and think and others I wasn't aware of, but they all have really helped: Talk in a monotone voice to tell them what to do. A red ear - can be a pre-warning to a shutdown. Make sure they've had a drink of water and been to the toilet before a good learning session is to start. Ensure you say the child's name BEFORE you give them an instruction (which I thought I was doing quite well, but obviously not well enough). Children on the spectrum always replace one behaviour with another and you can't stop a behaviour.... but you DO need to replace it! I could go on and on.... Let alone the list of resources which outline strategies for specific behaviours/issues needing a fresh idea. So Im very thankful that this course was offered to me and I was given the opportunity to take part and gain some very helpful strategies. Kind regard, Kerry (Teacher)
Could you please pass on my thanks to Sue for amazing course. As an EA and mum to a child with autism I took so much away with this course, not only for myself, my child and the students I work with but to share with family and teachers. It is the first course I have done that really gets people to reflect on themselves first and then use it as a reflection tool when exploring the complexities of ASD. Kind regards, Michelle
my apologies if this is the wrong place to send but, I just wanted to say thank you for a very informative & interesting course. i am currently doing a cert3in education support course. Your course has been helpful in enhancing this course & ive looked forward to doing it every week. Very easy to follow & understand. It makes sense. So thank you 🙂 Brenda
Also, can you please pass on to Sue that her course has made the life of one little girl in my room a whole lot easier. Only diagnosed with severe autism this year - the first year of Kindergarten - I was at a loss as I had never taught a child with autism before. This little girl has made me a better teacher and I think, a better person! So on behalf of her, and myself please tell your amazing wife that she is changing lives 🙂 Jane (Teacher)
"Sue......what a gift you are to parents and teachers.....and what a gift to our beautiful young people with ASD. I have just completed your online course, Understanding Autism & Asperger’s Disorder. What a privilege to have spent time with you. The only thing in my mind that outshines your knowledge, and the comprehensive and practical instruction you give, is the incredible passion you so clearly have for children with Autism. Your call for us all to embrace difference really struck a chord with me. Thank you for opening up a wealth of understanding for this kindergarten teachers Aide. I am so grateful for all your insights, and most of all, for instilling passion in me." Abby Teacher Aide
"The Course was amazing and very inspiring. I am implementing what I learnt in the course and obtaining fabulous results." Anastastia, High School Teacher
"I loved it so much I did all 5 lessons in one day! So worthwhile .I really liked the examples that were used. I could relate it to so many of my past experiences with students. I definitely feel better equipped to identify the characteristics of ASD students and have some new strategies to use.” Erika, Classroom Support Teacher
"This was the BEST professional learning that I have undertaken for a long time. I have been telling my colleagues about it all day! I have a child with Asperger's Syndrome joining in my Year 7 tutor group and I today I modelled My Life in a Box." James, Secondary School Teacher
"Really enjoyed all the modules and found them opening up the world of our beautiful, individual and talented students. Loved the flexibility of completing the modules. Thanks, Sue. You make a difference!" Jennifer
“Thank you for a fantastic course. I have gained so much from your stories and videos. I have implement certain strategies with success e.g. student rocking I placed a pillow behind her back guess what the behaviour changed. Yippee” Cheryl
"I am looking forward for your next online course. I am a English second language person and the online course was fantastic, if I didn't understand something, i just need to go back and listen to you again!! It was great for me." Teresa
“Having earlier today completed Module 5 of my online course I just wanted to take a moment to say a big thank you to both Sue & yourself for offering this type of PD. Our physical distance from major centres, coupled with some of our teachers having young children and find it hard to travel for PD, make the online option perfect for us as a collective staff to undertake the same PD. We also had our CRTs complete the course which is already proving to be very valuable on the days that they are teaching; everyone is hearing the same message and understanding why the strategies we are implementing are important.  Splitting into the 5 modules gave us the perfect opportunity to take on some information, put some strategies into play then come back and continue our learning.” Cynthia
“I completed Sue's amazing course over the holidays. I can't tell you how beneficial it has been for setting up my classroom, getting to know my new student and providing me with the tools to ensure a smooth transition into my class. A day doesn't go by when something happens but then I hear her voice in my head, and I am able to diffuse the situation or prevent it from happening at all. I am so grateful.” Sarah “Last week I began using the traffic light strategy with a little person in my year 4 class. This strategy of highlighting in green what he thinks will be easy, yellow for challenging and red for hard seems to really make sense to him! He has really responded well to it so far and today I managed to get him to do quite a bit of a Maths test (SINE) in a short amount of time. I even got him to have a go at a yellow question and then when I told him it was enough for today, he came back to ask if he could do more! In the short time I have taught this student, I know getting him motivated and 'working' can be a challenge, so this is a major breakthrough! I am so glad I have discovered it early in the year as a strategy that works for him. I feel so pleased for him and I could see his confidence and own pride in his achievement. His smile said it all and I sensed a 'lighter' feeling about him afterwards. This strategy is allowing him to respond to me so well!  I just had to share. One thing/strategy at a time, this being my first this year (I just finished the course recently) I am excited about what else I can trial and what results I might get! “ Stephanie
What you will learn:

  • 10 Top Tips for Keeping on Task
  • How to Build a Great Relationship
  • Using Routines & Consistency
  • How to write and use Social Scripts
  • Supporting students to change their mindset
  • Using Rewards to Motivate
  • & more
This Course includes:

  • 12 Lessons
  • 2 Hours Content 
  • 17 Page Handout
  • 6 weeks to complete the course 
  • IT Support 
  • Certificate Issued on Completion of Course
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
  • Tax Invoice Issued Immediately 

 PLUS Teacher Assistant Appreciation Week Bonuses

  • Members Only ‘Angels” Facebook Group  (ie Teacher Assistants, Teacher Aides, SSO, ESS, etc I call you angels) 
  • $20 Off Sue Larkey 5 Hour Online Course Coupon
  • Transcript of Course
  • 2 Extra Weeks to Access Materials & Course
  • Transcript of Teacher Assistant Podcas


Group - Staff BookingsThere are two options:

  1. Order and pay online for multiple Staff and then email Elizas participants full names and email address. We’ll then communicate directly with the staff the login details and Certificate etc.

  2. Email Eliza to arrange – support@suelarkey.com.au  Include in email: Participants Full Name (for Certificate) and direct email address (to send course login details) plus Organisation Name and person name & email to send the invoice.