Teacher Assistants – Part 2 Online Course


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This course is designed for Teacher Assistants to help support students with diverse needs to engage and learn.  Dean Beadle uses his lived experience, as Autistic, and knowledge training 1000s of school staff to provide strategies and ideas to meet the needs and Neurodiverse of students.

This is a companion course to the first Teacher Assistant Course.

  • 8 Lessons
  • 2 Hours of Content
  • 17 Page handout
  • 6 Weeks to Complete the course
  • IT Support
  • Certificate Issues on Completion of Course
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Tax Invoice Issued Immediately


  • Sue Larkey & Dean Beadle discuss questions from Teacher Assistants – 45 minutes
  • Handout from Teacher Assistant Course (Part 1) to revise
  • E-book with over 98+ Strategies – ️ Essential Tips for Angels 😇 Part 2
  • Dean Beadles Youtube Conference Video with over 70,000 views
  • 2 Extra Weeks to Access the Course

* Teacher Assistants are called different names depending on where you are eg Teacher Aides, SSO, Teaching Assistants, Educational Assistants, Classroom Assistants, Instructional Aides, Paraprofessionals, Paraeducators.

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Dean Beadle

Dean Beadle

Autism Advocate, Trainer and Speaker

Dean Beadle has toured the UK for over fifteen years sharing his experiences of being autistic. In that time he has delivered over 800 conference keynotes, school inset training sessions and parent talks. He has lectured on the Birmingham University distance learning autism course since 2009 and has regularly delivered lectures to student teachers at Plymouth University since 2014.

A video clip of Dean was used in the Autism Education Trust schools training which was completed by over 150,000 UK schools’ staff.

Between 2018 and 2020, Dean was the keynote speaker at the regional challenge days for school leaders for the Ambition Institute.

He has also delivered conference keynotes in Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland as well as co-delivering four seminar tours of Australia and New Zealand alongside Sue Larkey.

Dean holds honorary roles at three UK charities.


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How likely is it that you would recommend this course to a friend or colleague? How well does this course meet its goals to help you support students who engage and learn differently? Which of the lessons, information did you find the most helpful? Any other feedback? Start Date Respondent ID
10 Extremely well Executive functioning and links to anxiety and exhaustion 13/8/2023 19089929904
Very well 11/8/2023 19089393238
10 Extremely well depressive melt down 9/8/2023 19088701728
10 Extremely well All of them 2/8/2023 19086225242
10 Very well 31/7/2023 19085783676
10 Extremely well absolutely everything 31/7/2023 19085746944
Extremely well executive functioning and social needs and emotions 28/7/2023 19085031758
6 Somewhat well 19/7/2023 19082120086
10 All of it was fantastic 19/7/2023 19082054666
9 Very well All of them 12/7/2023 19079899681
10 Extremely well 11/7/2023 19079451153
10 Very well Social needs and emotions. 4/7/2023 19077314191
7 Not well at all Most of th 3/7/2023 19076961789
9 Extremely well social and emotional needs 1/7/2023 19076584080
9 Very well All the lessons had something new for me to learn 1/7/2023 19076547765
10 Extremely well All of them were very helpful and could relate a lot. 30/6/2023 19076210198
Extremely well 30/6/2023 19076202191
10 Extremely well 30/6/2023 19076177310
3 Somewhat well social and emothional needs 29/6/2023 19075805142
3 Somewhat well social needs and emotional 29/6/2023 19075805107
4 Somewhat well Executive functioning 29/6/2023 19075805089
7 Very well autism joy 29/6/2023 19075804133
Extremely well social needs and emotions, to better engage with my students emotions. 21/6/2023 19073273912
7 Very well Lesson 6 19/6/2023 19072349310
Very well I found the first lesson “Meeting the needs of neurodiverse students” to be the most helpful as some of the strategies that were discussed I feel like we easy doable to implement in the classroom as a Teaching Assistant. 15/6/2023 19071303128
10 Extremely well I found them all extremely helpful and insightful 15/6/2023 19071292505
5 Somewhat well 9/6/2023 19069423026
10 Very well Executive functioning – was interesting to hear about it from an Autistic persons point of view. 9/6/2023 19069377661
10 Extremely well every lesson had value. I can not believe how fantastic this set of videos were. I would like to have access to them forever as I have grandchildren and would like to share these videos with their parents. I myself have  diagnosed as autistic at 65 yrs of age. although I had already suspected I was as I watched my grandchildren with difficulties and needs that at times weren’t been met and I could really relate to what they were going through. I always thought I had “mild autism tendencies” but after going through these videos three times before I finally allowed myself to finally press ‘completed’ I am ok to say I am autistic. I have the autistic Joy in a few specific topics. Many years ago I had a friend who said she was envious of the passion & drive that I had for the things that I loved to do .. something that she didn’t possess. I am a constant learner and love to help others who aren’t coping .. I work with children who are autistic & LOVE my job. I now understand why I can relate to these kids so easily. I finally understood myself so much better. I realised that I had masked my whole life and that I had adapted so many aspects of my life to help me negotiate the difficulties I was constantly having. all I can say is WOW  and thank you to you Sue for getting Dean to do these videos and thank you to DEAN for being so honest and open. 7/6/2023 19068651726
8 Extremely well Teaching social knowledge, not social skills.  Define ‘social’  Executive function tips 1/6/2023 19066651156
8 Extremely well Loved it all but Social Needs and Emotions was my favourite..  Zones of regulation and calendar of perspective – how your day went.  These are great 23/5/2023 19063691340
3 Not so well executive functioning and understanding regulation 22/5/2023 19063263895
4 Somewhat well Executive Functioning 22/5/2023 19063263750
3 Not so well executive functioning 22/5/2023 19063263734
1 Not so well Executive functioning 22/5/2023 19063263619
3 Not so well Executive function 22/5/2023 19063263604
10 Very well i like the lesson 5 and 7 give me lot of idea’s how to support with their needs. Thank you so much. 21/5/2023 19063090934
10 Extremely well All of them 21/5/2023 19063059091
9 Very well 18/5/2023 19062161323
10 Extremely well I found them all to be very helpful. 8/5/2023 19058615949
8 Very well 6/5/2023 19058091309
8 Very well Autistic joy 5/5/2023 19057722451
8 Very well 26/4/2023 19054522891
Very well approaching the student 26/4/2023 19054510751
10 Extremely well 25/4/2023 19054094726
10 Extremely well All the lessons where informative. I really enjoyed each lesson and learnt more than I expected. I have an adult son who’s autistic and although I have been part of many information and learning sessions, I continue to learn so much more. Listening to Dean speak has given a whole new prospective of  Understanding Autism. 24/4/2023 19053759602
7 Somewhat well Teach rules in the appropriate area/room. Playground rules in the playground. 24/4/2023 19053664453
9 Very well The description of the roles of teachers and Aides. Really enjoyed all the stories. 24/4/2023 19053661022
10 Extremely well 24/4/2023 19053652844
10 Extremely well I found all lessons very informative and I feel that it is very beneficial for when I am working with diverse needs students.   The most informative part and the lesson that I took key aspects away from was social needs and emotions as being able to learn more about this is really going to help me in the classroom understand more of our students. 24/4/2023 19053650237
9 Extremely well The importance of the Teacher Assistant 24/4/2023 19053642241
10 Very well Transformation Impact Teacher assistants can make 24/4/2023 19053639195
8 Somewhat well N/A 24/4/2023 19053638861
10 Extremely well 21/4/2023 19052985440
10 Extremely well I thought the whole course was amazing! I love Dean’s honesty, truely amazing. 18/4/2023 19051723742
10 Extremely well I loved the OPT IN over OPT OUT. I think that is amazing. 8/4/2023 19048495482
8 Very well 6/4/2023 19047819155
10 Extremely well Identity feelings-  making judgements, critic,  comparing to them is toxic for the child. we need to understand them , in the view of their world and feeling towards the others surround them. 5/4/2023 19047395219
7 Extremely well tips/ ideas of how we can help to lessen student’s anxiety by allowing them “time for worries” and acknowledge them. 5/4/2023 19047351174
10 Very well Resources, realising that time out is not a punishment.  I enjoyed listening to Dean’s journey and knowing do’s and donts. 5/4/2023 19047348394
5 Somewhat well social strategies trust ladder poem teacher assistants dont need to be jealsous 5/4/2023 19047342148
8 Very well Executive functioning 5/4/2023 19047339295
0 Somewhat well 5/4/2023 19047319490
Extremely well All but more about disclosing a diagnosis, the autistic joy and things that make autistic kids anxious. 31/3/2023 19045687946
9 Extremely well Social and emotional needs 28/3/2023 19044307726
10 Extremely well I couldn’t pick any one lesson…i found them all very helpful. 27/3/2023 19043739353
10 Extremely well 22/3/2023 19042030343
9 Very well 21/3/2023 19041494747
10 Extremely well 17/3/2023 19040172733
4 Somewhat well 13/3/2023 19038289430
10 Extremely well Understanding and meeting the needs of neurodiverse students 7/3/2023 19035921176
9 Extremely well 7/3/2023 19035906846
10 Very well Understanding & meeting the needs of neurodiverse students 6/3/2023 19035545082
10 Extremely well Lesson 4 Autistic rights and place in society 2/3/2023 19034049962
6 Somewhat well The Social needs of Autistic children 2/3/2023 19034049303
10 Very well All of them. 21/2/2023 19030322385
9 Very well Lesson 4 and 5 21/2/2023 19030210026
4 Somewhat well Meeting the needs of neurodiverse students. 20/2/2023 19029844041
8 Very well Dean’s perspective of growing up as an autistic person. 20/2/2023 19029668367
10 Extremely well More understanding and empathy to our friends 19/2/2023 19029585328
10 Extremely well seriously they all had extreme  value, but social needs ans emtions as well as transforamtion impact Teacher Assistants can make.  it was empowering to continue advocating what I know was right.  How to create a setting for students to accept themselves was essential. Thank you for it all .  Really emjoyed getting to know Dean Beadle and the examples he put forward. 14/2/2023 19027372555
10 Extremely well 11/2/2023 19026390375
10 Very well 10/2/2023 19026016721
3 Very well 7/2/2023 19024412307
9 Extremely well Teachers assistants 6/2/2023 19024016502
9 Very well 4/2/2023 19023388986
6 Somewhat well 1/2/2023 19022167394
9 Extremely well All of it so informative and from someone who knows 31/1/2023 19021637801
8 Extremely well All 31/1/2023 19021624698
10 Extremely well I developed a much greater understanding of diagnosis and the mis- information around its importance. Stating levels of functioning- underestimates needs and abilities. 31/1/2023 19021531120
10 Extremely well 30/1/2023 19021059553
10 Extremely well The Value of Autistic People learning from other Autistic People 30/1/2023 19021045930
10 Extremely well The value of autistic people learning from other autistic people 30/1/2023 19021045692
10 Extremely well All of then Dean was so great to listen to and really gave 30/1/2023 19021033893
Very well executive functioning and social and emotional kills 30/1/2023 19021024211
9 Very well social and emotional needs 30/1/2023 19021022481
8 Very well 29/1/2023 19020820460
8 Very well All the lessons were informative. 28/1/2023 19020465278
8 Very well Each lesson gave me information that I learned from. 27/1/2023 19020215589
8 Very well No 5, The video on Teacher Aides 27/1/2023 19020155009
7 Very well 27/1/2023 19020151630
4 Very well 27/1/2023 19020148867
7 Very well How to help students , let them think for themselves. 27/1/2023 19020146960
6 Very well The session on executive function 27/1/2023 19020145761
8 Extremely well Social Needs and Emotions. That Autistic people do have empathy, but they express it differently, but with the same amount of emotion. 27/1/2023 19020135516
10 Extremely well All of them held valuable information 27/1/2023 19020135495
5 Very well Little bit from all. 27/1/2023 19020135397
10 Very well I came away with little bits from each module being very useful and being able to transferred to our schooling adventures 27/1/2023 19020132832
10 Very well 27/1/2023 19020132387
Very well 27/1/2023 19020132272
5 Not so well 27/1/2023 19020131964
7 Not so well Was interesting but unfortunately wasnt entirely relevant for age group that work with. children I work with are not verbal. 27/1/2023 19020131117
5 Not so well Unfortunatley this course was directed at older children and only some of it was relevant to my situation. 27/1/2023 19020130943
8 Very well all 27/1/2023 19020127288
8 Very well All helpful 27/1/2023 19020127284
8 Very well 27/1/2023 19020127197
5 Somewhat well 27/1/2023 19020121876
6 Very well Dean’s experiences and implications for learning 25/1/2023 19019343015
9 Very well Lesson 8 was repeated as it is already included at the end of lesson 7. Overall the course was very informative. I appreciated the perspective that Dean Beadle brought to this topic. 25/1/2023 19019292185
10 Extremely well How to create a setting for students to accept themselves. 18/1/2023 19016407698
9 Very well 18/1/2023 19016325180
10 Extremely well 16/1/2023 19015235314
9 Very well 13/1/2023 19014361398
10 Extremely well 13/1/2023 19014269632
10 Extremely well I found Dean’s presentation offered me so many insights that I will be able to use. The presentation also assured me that my interactions with the students I work with are on the right track. 6/1/2023 19011149942
10 Extremely well All informations are very helpful but dealing with emotions and social needs are more helpful 4/1/2023 19010285851
10 Extremely well 1/1/2023 19009097053
7 Somewhat well All content 19/12/2022 19004243548
10 Extremely well all of them 19/12/2022 19004211055
10 Extremely well 19/12/2022 19004209992
8 Very well Dean’s story 19/12/2022 19004196945
8 Very well executive function 16/12/2022 19003190825
7 Very well Meeting the needs of neurodiverse students 8/12/2022 13600100363
7 Very well Meeting the Needs of Neurodiverse  Students 8/12/2022 13600093345
7 Very well 4/12/2022 13597928963
5 Somewhat well Executive Functioning 3/12/2022 13597627580
7 Very well I love that Dean is so real – it is invaluable 2/12/2022 13597063937
8 Extremely well 1/12/2022 13596527274
10 Extremely well Everything! 30/11/2022 13595855054
9 Very well Executive functioning, social and emotional needs. It was really interesting and informative listening to Deans own life experiences. 25/11/2022 13593527868
10 Extremely well 23/11/2022 13592709086
10 Extremely well 23/11/2022 13592464204
10 Extremely well 18/11/2022 13590209090
10 Very well lesson 1 and 2 1/11/2022 13580105395
10 Very well 24/10/2022 13575678901
10 Extremely well All of it. 24/10/2022 13575663357
8 Very well 24/10/2022 13575471808
8 Somewhat well I enjoy listening to Dean’s experiences. The lesson I find helpful is to remember that it is all about helping the child and not the problems/differences between the grown ups surrounding them especially not between me (personal teacher assistant) and the other teachers/teacher assistants. And I am reminded to see in the child’s perspective and use their interest to teach them about other stuff. 23/10/2022 13575356008
10 Extremely well Executive Functioning  Lesson 5 -Teacher Assistants role 21/10/2022 13574535324
10 Extremely well Impact teacher assistance have on autistic students 21/10/2022 13574314878
10 Extremely well The course as a whole has taught me a lot. 19/10/2022 13573208113
10 Extremely well I found everything helpful!!  Thank you. 18/10/2022 13572555356
8 Very well I find the information on Executive Functioning most educational and insightful. 16/10/2022 13571541609
9 Extremely well Understanding the perspective from an autistic person’s experience was great. 14/10/2022 13570579242
10 Extremely well ALL OF IT!!! I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. 14/10/2022 13570531473
10 Extremely well All of it 13/10/2022 13569900459
10 Extremely well All of them 12/10/2022 13569309937
10 Extremely well 12/10/2022 13569143396
10 Extremely well Social and Emotional Needs 10/10/2022 13568120114
10 Somewhat well all of the lessons were useful.    To me – any information, even if I have already heard or read it, is king.  There is so much to learn and understand so the more I can get the better. 8/10/2022 13567266122
9 Extremely well Having the information, not from an academic or a professional person, but from experience 6/10/2022 13565974689
10 Extremely well 6/10/2022 13565796899
10 Extremely well Lesson 7 How to create a setting for students to accept themselves. 6/10/2022 13565725845
10 Extremely well 5/10/2022 13565144610
8 Very well Social needs and emotions 3/10/2022 13563764236
9 Very well I loved hearing from Dean’s personal view. 1/10/2022 13562938389
0 Not well at all Yes about the TA’s and how valuable they are. 23/9/2022 13558363852
0 Not well at all The first lesson 23/9/2022 13558363756
5 Somewhat well excutive functions 23/9/2022 13558362917
9 Very well Social needs and Emotions 22/9/2022 13557818966
10 Very well lesson 6 and 7, I work with a very complex young lady and she needs to have everything perfect so we are working together on strategies to help her over come that and not be so hard on herself when she makes a mistake 21/9/2022 13557163996
Very well Executive functioning  Social breaks through the day 21/9/2022 13557051216
8 Very well Myth busting, executive functioning, social and emotional needs, breaking free from the medical model 21/9/2022 13556874141
10 Extremely well How teacher assistants are imperative to the success of students.  Great to hear validation about what we do.  All the lessons were amazing. Dean was wonderful and easy to listen to. Provided a great insight into neuro diversity. 18/9/2022 13555365037
8 Very well The real life examples given. 18/9/2022 13555364922
10 Very well I found all the lessons useful and informative 17/9/2022 13554939833
10 Extremely well Everything!  I had so many ‘lightbulb’ moments throughout each lesson. 17/9/2022 13554921196
10 Extremely well 16/9/2022 13554483528
Extremely well All of them 15/9/2022 13553799397
9 Extremely well 15/9/2022 13553561133
8 Very well Dean’s personal experiences and reflections. 13/9/2022 13552195186
10 Extremely well all 13/9/2022 13552135291
5 Somewhat well session 5  Good stratigies 12/9/2022 13551538236
5 Somewhat well Session 5 had some helpful advice and stratigies. 12/9/2022 13551538164
5 Somewhat well Session 5, Had some useful advice for teachers aides. 12/9/2022 13551538143
5 Somewhat well session 5 had some really good stratigies and advice 12/9/2022 13551537680
10 Very well meeting the needs of neurodiverse students 12/9/2022 13551527171
8 Very well Meeting the needs of Neurodiverse students 12/9/2022 13551527024
9 Very well Meeting the needs of Neurodiverse Students 12/9/2022 13551527022
10 Extremely well 9/9/2022 13550266098
10 Extremely well All of it. 9/9/2022 13550197402
9 Extremely well All of the lessons were extremely insightful and helpful 9/9/2022 13550194635
9 Very well Lesson 2 & 3. 8/9/2022 13549493016
10 Extremely well 7/9/2022 13548846571
10 Extremely well Executive Functioning  Emotional & Social Needs 6/9/2022 13548202335
10 Very well It was really interesting to hear Dean talk about ‘being autistic’ 5/9/2022 13547707575
10 Extremely well All of it! 3/9/2022 13546842037
10 Extremely well Myths and Misconceptions. 2/9/2022 13546158896
8 Very well Lesson 3 Social Needs And Emotion  Lesson 8 Autistic  Joy 1/9/2022 13545518497
10 Extremely well Lesson 4 – Being Autistic:  Own it, celebrate it! 1/9/2022 13545505654
10 Extremely well All the lessons were very useful   Lesson 2. Gave me a better understanding of executive function 1/9/2022 13545103858
Very well The strategies to be implemented in the classroom are very practical 28/8/2022 13542958526
10 Very well Social needs and emotions 22/8/2022 13539202825
10 Extremely well The fact that no one is normal, yes we’re all different.  Autistic people think differently and that’s ok. Great to hear Dean’s stories and how I could relate them to my own 21 year old son.  I feel I can relate to my son better, and also my now diagnosed younger daughter who is very loud and colourful at times but also can be very quiet and anxious.  Additionally, I love how Dean expressed how they should not be embarrassed with how they are, what they wear, etc and embrace it and we too.  I love the words ’empower who you are. The world would be a lot duller without you’. Huge thanks Dean. 17/8/2022 13536430239
10 Very well Social Skills and Executive Functioning 15/8/2022 13535114769
10 Extremely well How the child actually feels and double empathy 11/8/2022 13532610024
10 Extremely well I thought the whole course was absolutely brilliant! I have worked with young people who are autistic since 1991 and I have never encountered such a well-put-together course! Well done! Absolutely brilliant! Keep going Dean. Keep sharing your story as it makes a real difference 🙂 10/8/2022 13532086693
10 Extremely well I enjoyed every lesson and found them all valuable. Also loved that Dean incorporated his life experiences into the lessons. 8/8/2022 13530328890
8 Very well 7/8/2022 13530172053
3 Somewhat well 5/8/2022 13529079135
5 Somewhat well 4/8/2022 13528683724
8 Very well Social needs and emotion 4/8/2022 13528419536
Very well videos 3/8/2022 13527652002
10 Extremely well It’s very helpful to learn and understand about autism related issues from the perspective of an autistic adult and all he went through. 2/8/2022 13526970505
5 Somewhat well n/a 2/8/2022 13526946285
8 Very well 2/8/2022 13526942415
6 Somewhat well 2/8/2022 13526914392
10 Extremely well Lesson 3 and 5 which discussed more on the practical sides the importance of social needs and the kids emotion. 2/8/2022 13526911554
8 Very well Lessons 2 and 5 2/8/2022 13526909925
5 Somewhat well lesson 1 2/8/2022 13526888850
7 Somewhat well executive functioning  social needs and emotions  transformation impact TA can makw 2/8/2022 13526884578
10 Very well The common myths and misconceptions about neurodiverse students. 2/8/2022 13526880938
9 Very well 2/8/2022 13526877270
Very well 2/8/2022 13526874500
10 Very well Executive Functioning, Autistic joy 2/8/2022 13526866015
10 Very well I find the personal experiences really insightful to what autisim is to the person and how other people can help support them in a very positive way. 2/8/2022 13526865920
8 Very well How to celebrate and empower Autistic students. 2/8/2022 13526865802
7 Very well 2/8/2022 13526857938
6 Very well Lesson 1 and 2 I found the most useful. These lessons gave a lot of information about the needs of Autistic students, executive function even gave some useful resources and in class strategies. 1/8/2022 13526245635
Very well 1/8/2022 13526235672
10 Extremely well Learning about Dean’s feelings and experiences. 1/8/2022 13526220314
8 Very well How they would like to be called. 1st person POV is very important. 1/8/2022 13526219972
7 Very well executive functioning 1/8/2022 13526216143
5 Somewhat well All of the lessons are helpful but I find Lesson 3 most helpful specially when Dean offered that it’s good to tell an autistic person why you are asking instead of just telling them what to do. Dean also has a very good point that having an alone time doesn’t mean being isolated. 1/8/2022 13526214263
8 Very well The lesson on executive functioning as I hadn’t appreciated the amount of energy it could take to do certain tasks. I thought the examples given were very powerful 1/8/2022 13526199399
9 Very well All of them were amazing, insightful and very helpful! 31/7/2022 13525777585
8 Very well Transformation Impact Teacher Assistants can Make 21/7/2022 13519436412
10 Extremely well Dean’s perspective, and breakdown of ways to support absolutely amazing. So many ideas to use. 21/7/2022 13518987805
7 Very well 20/7/2022 13518701157
10 Very well 14/7/2022 13514966753
9 Very well All of it! Dean’s sharing of his experience and knowledge was informative, insightful, and wonderful. I took so many notes that helped me understand how I can better support my students. 12/7/2022 13513386991
8 Very well all of them 8/7/2022 13511165697
10 Extremely well 7/7/2022 13510417328
6 Very well I learnt a little from each of the lessons and some to remind me of things that we tend to forget when you are working with the students. 7/7/2022 13510363204
Very well autistic joy 1/7/2022 13506572605
8 Somewhat well 13/6/2022 13493518033
8 Very well Lesson 5 9/6/2022 13491141022
7 Extremely well 8/6/2022 13490275189
Very well Part 2 8/6/2022 13490275074
7 Very well 8/6/2022 13490274932
9 Very well I enjoyed listening to Dean’s lived experience of autism. It was interesting and insightful. 26/5/2022 13480898623
Very well 20/5/2022 13476380856
7 Extremely well Social needs and emotions 19/5/2022 13475340585
8 Very well 18/5/2022 13474665278
8 Very well 18/5/2022 13474332892
10 Extremely well It was all helpful 16/5/2022 13472402015
5 Somewhat well Autistic rights and place in society 16/5/2022 13472397845
8 Very well 16/5/2022 13472397169
5 Somewhat well 16/5/2022 13472395935
10 Very well executive functioning was extremely helpful 16/5/2022 13472395399
9 Very well How to disclose diagnosis. 16/5/2022 13472394899
8 Somewhat well 16/5/2022 13472394375
7 Very well Lesson 3 16/5/2022 13472394012
10 Very well All of it 16/5/2022 13472393484
10 Extremely well 16/5/2022 13472393384
10 Extremely well 16/5/2022 13472391361
10 Extremely well I found that all the lessons very interesting. But to know that the word social in an club can start anxiety. Also to someone with Autism, being In the same room with friends on their computers is still being social. 16/5/2022 13472385154
8 Very well Insight into mind of someone with autism 16/5/2022 13472384498
10 Extremely well Lesson 3,4,5 16/5/2022 13472383404
10 Extremely well 15/5/2022 13471705271
10 Extremely well 14/5/2022 13471436560
6 Somewhat well 12/5/2022 13470490862
10 Extremely well Lesson 3, social needs and emotions 8/5/2022 13466034582
10 Extremely well lesson 1. The myth busting especially when Dean stated it’s not challenging behaviour it’s a challenging situation. 5/5/2022 13463748857
10 Extremely well I found all of the lessons where very helpful. 4/5/2022 13462529854
Very well How to create a setting for students to accept themselves 4/5/2022 13462529532
10 Extremely well executive functioning 4/5/2022 13462520229
10 Extremely well all of it, I am a special needs parent as well as a teachers aide and found everything useful . 4/5/2022 13462505335
8 Very well The Q & A and Lesson 3 27/4/2022 13456378804
5 Very well I find that it reinforced that what I am dong in the classroom is the correct thing from an Autistics persons point of view 27/4/2022 13456375199
9 Extremely well Teaching Assistant, Joy in Autism,Social Needs & Emotions. 26/4/2022 13455372368
9 Extremely well Teaching assistants and autism, and their relationships 26/4/2022 13455370921
10 Extremely well The lesson on Executive Functioning. The fact that processing and being overwhelmed is part of executive functioning. 26/4/2022 13455361572
10 Extremely well  All The lessons I found extremely helpful in understanding Autisum . Dean made it informative and easy to listen to. 26/4/2022 13455360487
9 Extremely well All his life examples and personal experiences. The visuals are very helpful although some fonts on the slides were too small. The strategies shared were extremely useful too, especially the section on TAs and how to create positive interactions and bonds between autistic and non-autistic children. Very informative and enjoyable, easy to watch. 26/4/2022 13455359809
8 Very well Social and Emotional needs. 26/4/2022 13455356616
6 Somewhat well Social and Emotional Needs 26/4/2022 13455356437
7 Very well Meeting the Needs of Neurodiverse Students and Social and Emotional Needs 26/4/2022 13455356342
7 Somewhat well Social and emotional needs 26/4/2022 13455356161
7 Somewhat well Executive functioning, I found this extremely interesting and I found this helped me to understand my own child.  I also found “autistic behaviour” was interesting to look for the need of the student, and to look for the need not being met. I will always keep this in my mind now.  I also learned more about people with autism and empathy, this makes a lot of sense.  Great module. 26/4/2022 13455353872
10 Very well Lessonm 5 26/4/2022 13455342115
Extremely well Loved it all 26/4/2022 13455305088
10 Extremely well Lesson 2, executive functioning explained very well.  Lesson 5, relationship with classroom teachers, working as a team, leave the ego at the door. 26/4/2022 13455299337
9 Very well executive functioning 26/4/2022 13455299332
5 Very well Meeting the needs of neurodiverse students. 23/4/2022 13453146268
8 Very well Thoughts on TA’s- I work with secondary students and it is so important to build that trust and a relationship with the teenagers and for them to have a say in their lives. 22/4/2022 13452234063
10 Very well teaching social knowledge not social skills 19/4/2022 13448711999
10 Extremely well Personally I loved hearing about children/adults accepting that they have Autism and that it is what makes them the smart individual they are. That’s it’s nothing to be ashamed of. This is a really challenging thing for them but so important. 13/4/2022 13443851903
8 Very well 11/4/2022 13440710241
10 Extremely well These lessons were so well delivered. The best I have ever experienced! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! 11/4/2022 13440680924
10 Extremely well To create the setting for students to accept themselves. 7/4/2022 13436975726
10 Extremely well I have only been a Teacher Aide for 3 years and I found Dean’s personal experiences, testimonial and his provision of correct terminology & helpful hints when supporting an autistic student most helpful such as: Supporting them rather than judging them, taking care of their needs not their behaviour, & the question: Do you want me to listen or do you want me to help? and also his simple definition of executive functioning. Dean is such an inspiring speaker.  Feedback: Some of Dean’s visuals were quite blurry & illegible. 2/4/2022 13430904321
10 Extremely well Dean’s personal stories, how autistic people view being social 1/4/2022 13429513744
10 Very well Executive functioning, social emotional needs and impact of teacher aide. Just good to hear first hand experience and principals and guidance to apply to assist/understand students better 30/3/2022 13425917029
10 Extremely well all of this as Dean helps to tell us what goes around in an autism heads 29/3/2022 13424111251
10 Extremely well All of them.  I liked that it was delivered by someone with ASD and gave real life experiences and insight. 29/3/2022 13423753123
9 Extremely well Joy 29/3/2022 13423561466
10 Very well 2 Executive Functioning 28/3/2022 13422279482
10 Extremely well Executive functioning and meeting the needs of Nuerodiverse students 28/3/2022 13422249128
10 Extremely well Transformation Impact that Teacher Assitants can make- Dean’s lived experience and thoughts 27/3/2022 13421418742
10 Somewhat well I loved hearing Dean talk about Autistic Joy! 27/3/2022 13421356739
Extremely well they were all great, loved them all !! 24/3/2022 13417163861
10 Extremely well The ways autistic people process everyday tasks and struggle in day to day activities. A good reminder that we all process things differently. 24/3/2022 13417003006
10 Extremely well I loved the entire course. I laughed and cried. I really related to the executive functioning lesson due to experiencing anxiety. I loved the social needs and emotions lesson and autistic joy lesson too. I found Dean engaging, funny and entertaining and would see him in person if I had the chance. 23/3/2022 13415109015
Very well Lesson 1 and 2 23/3/2022 13414726900
9 Very well Understanding and meeting needs and executive functioning 23/3/2022 13414724209
10 Extremely well 21/3/2022 13410382669
9 Extremely well I found all the topics interesting. I found the information about social interactions helpful. 20/3/2022 13409541071
6 Somewhat well Lesson 1 meeting the needs of neurodiverse students 20/3/2022 13409480841
10 Extremely well 18/3/2022 13406497512
10 Extremely well Lesson 3 and Lesson 5 16/3/2022 13401217476
10 Extremely well 16/3/2022 13400269508
10 Extremely well How they think, how they need to feel like they are ‘normal’ 14/3/2022 13394709228
10 Extremely well It was all very helpful. 11/3/2022 13390469338
Extremely well 11/3/2022 13388814724
Extremely well 9/3/2022 13384125965
9 Very well executive functioning but all lessons were helpful and interesting 9/3/2022 13383908747
8 Very well Social and Emotional needs 8/3/2022 13381142474
10 Extremely well I loved the visual cards /wristbands about,or on a ring or on classroom about different colours on how they are feeling,..also you may be a good T A but if having a bad day,don’t take it to heart that someone else came along and settle/calm/what the situation was! Many others too,very good to listen too,and thankyou for extending my time on this course,as had a horrible time,when I was a time line,means alot 😇😉🙏 7/3/2022 13378048691
10 Extremely well 7/3/2022 13377986191
10 Very well I’ve loved watching all the videos. I really loved watching the video about the impact a teacher’s assistant can make. Our importance is often overlooked by teachers. 7/3/2022 13377905022
8 Somewhat well The whole of part two was very eye opening and challenged my point of view 4/3/2022 13373067587
10 Extremely well I found it all really useful – and it reinforced the fact that the school I work with actually do a lot, if not all of the suggested strategies.  My favourite is being in a class and helping everyone. For two reasons – one, a lot of kids are happy to get help, and two, it takes the focus off of the student I am working with. 4/3/2022 13373065437
10 Extremely well That being on computer games with others is classed as ‘socialising’.   Autistic people struggle to understand us and we also struggle to understand them.  Autistic people endlessly take time to process, hence why they take so much time to complete tasks.  They use a lot of their energy so get tired easily and need time to recover.  Great tutorial chart to show student how their day/week went.  So can see only a small part of their day/week was actually bad, take focus off that bad and see the good.  Interesting to hear, ‘it’s okay to have EA for long period of time, …. a bond is encouraged’.  As thought this was discouraged.  Good for student to have ‘their rock to cling to’ and have the same and not be unpredictable. 3/3/2022 13370712567
7 Somewhat well just listening to him is v helpful 3/3/2022 13370015800
5 Somewhat well Focusing on social knowledge instead of social skills, alexithymia and the awareness bands 2/3/2022 13366861544
7 Very well 1/3/2022 13364105424
7 Very well 5 – this reiterated that what I do does make a difference. 28/2/2022 13361648058
10 Extremely well Lesson 7. Breaking free of the medical 26/2/2022 13359518825
7 Very well Understanding and meeting the needs of neurodiverse students  Executive functioning 25/2/2022 13356877204
7 Somewhat well organisation can be difficult 25/2/2022 13356819445
6 Somewhat well Teacher Assistant Course 1 had some excellent tips for Teacher Aides being prepared for the students they work with. 25/2/2022 13356711312
5 Somewhat well lesson 2: executive functioning 25/2/2022 13356622718
10 Very well I found all lessons helpful. 22/2/2022 13348403391
Very well 21/2/2022 13346304372
8 Very well Lesson 2,3,and 4 21/2/2022 13345938656
10 Extremely well all of it! but especially about executive functioning, and exhaustion 17/2/2022 13337250105
10 Extremely well Hearing from an autistic person how they see the world perceives them and how unfair society is as a whole to people with differences . Opened my eyes and thoughts incredibly. 17/2/2022 13337028058
8 Very well 4/2/2022 13305338969
10 Very well Social needs and emotions 31/1/2022 13296989906
9 Very well All of it. 31/1/2022 13296541795
10 Extremely well The way Dan was so open and honest about his own childhood experiences at school and beyond into adulthood and was so willing to share these experiences for the benefit of others was truly inspiring and amazing! 31/1/2022 13296529748
10 Extremely well 31/1/2022 13296378835
10 Very well meeting the needs of nuerodiverse students, Executive function, social needs and emotions and transformation impact teacher assistants can make. 30/1/2022 13295222446
10 Extremely well executive functioning –  this gave me a much clearer idea of how my son was processing information and why he often did not complete a task 30/1/2022 13295198025
9 Very well Impact of TAs, because it encouraged me to keep trying to understand better, that I am making a positive difference. 27/1/2022 13288867621
8 Extremely well 26/1/2022 13285922840
10 Extremely well i enjoyed the whole course with Dean.  Its the first time i’ve done a course about Autistic people from a presenter who is autistic.  I found all components of the course interesting and valuble.  After 17 years as an SSO in schools and many hours of PD on this subject I found I learnt so much more and maybe I’ve misunderstood the best ways in which to support and understand each and everyone of my students.  I found Dean easy to listen to and entertaining.  He really is a credit to himself and for sharing what it is like to be autistic and helping the rest of the world to gain a better understanding. 26/1/2022 13285721109
9 Very well I found all the lessons very interesting.    To have a better understanding that not all autistic people are the same and should not be put in the same category. 25/1/2022 13282630785
10 Extremely well Executive functioning 25/1/2022 13282323161
10 Extremely well Referencing Autistic People rather than ” a person with autism” So watching the language we use; learning that some autistic people have all consuming empathy (which I seem to have); that anxiety builds up like a pressure cooker; Also the frustrations of autistic people with executive functioniong and how easy it is for autistic people to be physically overwhelmed (also myself) and loved the Ladder of Trust; and explaining Alexithymia.  I loved hearing what I already believe that autistic (& neuerodiverse) are just part of the rich diversity of our society and don’t need solutions (just their rightful needs met).  It was affirming to hear both Teachers and Angels (in ACT we call them LSA’s ie Learning Support Assistants) need to collaborate together but, many teachers do overlook the thoughts and creativity of LSA’s (sadly regularly) so I would love to see Teachers emphatically encouraged to Team-Teach with their LSA’s.  It was great to have tips of building student’s sense of self when not permitted to use the “autistic”word and I can’t wait to use the sentence, “You’ve achieved this/that because your’re autistic, not despite it” to many students but especially one I was able to bond with.  It helped to hear we can’t all bond with the same student also (very freeing).  I found the different models explained, ie the medical model and the social model very insightful and especially found it useful being given ideas of improving our language (removing judgement where possible) and best ways to call autistic people, given that some may not have a learning disability.  I really appreciated the last session on Autistic Joy. 24/1/2022 13280047513
10 Extremely well I loved all of the personal stories. The myth busting and Executive Functioning lessons were the most helpful. I found the whole course very informative and inspiring. 23/1/2022 13278749893
10 Extremely well I found all the lessons helpful especially from Deans perspective as a child who was seen as a behaviour problem.really got me thinking about how I can make life easier for a child to navigate school and ask the child what there needs are not tell them what they need. 20/1/2022 13273005125
10 Extremely well 20/1/2022 13272444538