DIGITAL BOOK – Sue Larkey’s Mega Book of Timesavers, Tips and Strategies for Busy and Complex Classrooms


A MEGA book full of my most Popular Blogs, Tip Sheets and more in one easy to use reference! This book is for all ages and stages, for teaching neurodiverse students including Autism Spectrum, ADHD, ODD, PDA and more!

Includes index to quickly look up Topic & Tips, as well as ideas for all parts of teaching and looking after neurodiverse children. 142 pages of Strategies & Tips at YOUR Fingertips.

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140 Pages of Full-Colour Tips and Strategies.

This is the perfect book for busy teachers, teacher aides, parents and carers looking for quick tips, strategies, and solutions. Topics covered include:

  • 18 Ways to Set Up a Classroom
  • Types of Adjustments/Accommodations
  • How to Engage Disengaged Students with Autism ADHD & Neurodiversity
  • Tips to Keeping on Task
  • Task Analysis
  • Handwriting For Students with Autism Spectrum Why Kids on the Spectrum are more likely to be \
  • Perfectionists & What you can do to Support Them Top Tips for Using Time Timers
  • Minimising Stress Around Timers
  • The Early Years
  • Your Words Matter
  • The One Thing I Wish I Knew Years Ago


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Why Is This Book for Me?


ASD Facts #1 Not Every Strategy Works for Every Child

You need to review 100s of ideas and strategies to find the ones that work and/or you can modified for the child you know.

ASD Fact #2 Strategies Wear Out

Really frustrating to put hours into a preparing a strategy only to find it doesn’t work and/or wears out. Time savers and pre-pared strategies make it easy to adjust and try new ideas without the fear of wasting excessive effort/time.

ASD Fact #3 To Know One Child with Autism is not to Know Autism

Every child on the Spectrum is different. Having had one (or few) children on the Spectrum in your class does mean the same strategies will work. In fact 1 in 10 strategies will work for a child on the Spectrum. You get access to strategies that have worked with 100s of different children – it’s like you get to know 100s of children on the spectrum and what as worked for them. Out of the 500 strategies, typically you will find 50 that work for the child you know … and will make a huge difference to them and you!

Save You Time ... lots of time

You could spend hours searching the internet for ideas … or one resources that has over 500 practical, proven strategies and ideas.


Most Topics include 10 or More Key Strategies to Try

  • curated so can easily access information without wasting hours on the internet.
  • most popular tips sheet in one easy to use reference.
  • index to quickly look up topics, tips and strategies

30 Day 100% Refund Policy... & You Keep the Book

If after downloading the product feel it’s not for you, then we will refund your complete purchase. That’s right… you even get to keep the digital book.