8 Key Strategies to Increase Engagement & Participation for Students on the Autism Spectrum – REVISED & UPDATED

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  1. Key Strategies to Increase Engagement and Participation
  2. Increase Understanding of How Children/Students with ASD Learn
  3. How to Use Schedules for the child you know.
  4. Strategies for Communication
  5. Practical Tool for Time Management
  6. Using the Special Interests

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Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder: Knowledge to Improve Student Learning, Participation and Outcomes – Special Offer

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  • NESA and TQI Accredited

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✅ Transcript of Whole Course (refer back to forever)
Webinar & Certificate (2 Hour Teacher Identified)
  Q & A with Sue throughout the course
Ongoing Individual Email Support  - Direct access to Sue's personal email
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Understanding Behaviour To Create Calm Classrooms

Webinar Creating a Calm Classroom (Whether you are teaching Online, Face to Face Classroom or a combination of both)
✅ How Educators Can Proactively Manage Challenging Behaviour to Create Calm Classrooms
✅ A Guide to Understanding Behaviour FREE E-book with over 50 tips and strategies
✅ Special Podcast for Graduates - Deep Dive into Understanding Behaviour
✅ 2 Hour Certificate for Professional Development - Teacher Identified 

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For NSW Teachers (Proficient Level) Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder: Knowledge to Improve Student Learning, Participation and Outcomes – online-on-demand will contribute 5 hours of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Accredited PD in the priority area of Students/children with Disability addressing standard descriptors 1.1.2, 1.6.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

If you are looking for Sue Larkey live in-person workshops that are also NESA Accredited PD, please visit https://suelarkey.com.au/autism-workshops/

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Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder: Knowledge to Improve Student Learning, Participation and Outcomes – Special Offer


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“I had heard great things about all of Sue Larkey’s courses. Not only did this course give me a very extensive range of strategies to try I now have a much clearer understanding of ASD, what it can look like and that it is never the same in two children.”

“Thank you again for the opportunity to take part in these extremely informative modules and for all your wonderful teaching tools and resources. I will highly recommend this course to other teachers.”



“Thank you Sue for your very enlightening course. I wish I had learnt all these pointers some years ago.” 



This Online Training is verify and approved for CPD Hours.

Accredited hours in UK and some USA States

The CPD Certification Service

“Thank you Sue for the most relevant and practical PD I have ‘attended’. WOW! Having the download notes prior was a great idea. I actually went back and watched the episodes again as it takes me time to soak in the info.Thank you again for giving me a new passion and understanding for all those little cherubs in my class.” 



“Your passion shines through every module and it is so very motivating, thank you.” 


Teacher (Western Australia)

“You would have to be one of the best presenters I have seen. It has been fantastic and I have really benefited (as will the families and children I work with) in applying many of the strategies in my work as an Earlylinks/ inclusion project worker” 


Early Childhood Teacher

This Online Training is verify and approved for 5 hours - Offical Professional Development Hours.

Australian Counselling Association

“Thank you for organising these online modules for training. They are great! Easy to follow and full of fantastic strategies for you to walk away with. A must for ALL teachers.” 



“My son’s teacher said it’s the best in- service she has ever had! She has had an epiphany! She understands it all so much better. She has some great ideas for the aide! She feels empowered and inspired! This is so great for all her future students too.”



“It was all you promised – practical, fast moving, fun and motivational. You have a great understanding of ASD and a true talent for sharing your knowledge and passion in a way we can relate to.”



Sue Larkey's Love-Your-Online-Course or Your Money Back Guarantee.

Sue Larkey's online course, comes with 100% money back guarantee. You will see yourself confident and empowered to make a difference for the children you know on the Autism Spectrum. Your colleagues, family and other students will be inspired by your ability to connect, engage and teach children on the Spectrum with the strategies and insights, all just from this one enjoyable online course. You'll be please with what you learn or we'll make it right, guaranteed. There's a good reason she's the one of worlds top "Teacher of Educators" who have a student in their classroom Autism Spectrum. Here’s a note from Sue Larkey herself:
“I take your professional development very seriously, and you have my personal promise that I will not rest until you are confident and delighted by the new strategies, insights and ideas from this online course. Transform your teaching skills for students on the Autism Spectrum. Transfer the lives of your all your students. I believe so much in my online course, I guarantee it will help make a difference.” - Sue Larkey, Teacher.
At any time you decide Sue Larkey course hasn’t performed a miracle on your approach to teaching children on Autism Spectrum, transforming or re-assuring your teaching approach to these students just email support@suelarkey.com.au - and we’ll give you a complete refund. 
And so to be clear, there are absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove. The refund will be done immediately.
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