Challenging Behaviour in the Classroom - Emotional Regulation in Students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or other Neurodiverse Disorders

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What you will learn:
★  How to help children identify and label emotions in themselves and others
★  How to help children connect emotions to events
★  A range of strategies to regulate emotions and behaviours
★  Activities to do with individuals, small groups, or a whole class
★  What, when and how to teach
& more

How it works:
3 hours of accredited training (TQI, CPD, NESA – Teacher Identified etc)

★ Learn at Your Own Pace
★  23 Page Handout with Clear, Actionable Steps
★  74 Pages of Printables and Templates (Access Forever)
★  View at any time – Whenever it Suits You

★  Certificate provided on completion of the course
★  Tax Invoice issued immediately on Purchase
★  100% Money Back Guarantee if feel this course is not for you

  Fantastic Time-Saving Templates & Cheat Sheets – Download and Use Immediately
Full Transcript of Course

★  Members Only “Emotional Regulation Masterclass” Facebook Group to create a Positive, Supportive Community
★  5 Steps for Teaching Emotions
★  My Feelings Journal and instructions on how to use in your classroom

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What are people saying about the Emotional Regulation Course?

What Teacher in a Special School says about the course:

What Learning Support Officer says about the course:

What SLSO says about the course:

I believe that of all the many courses I have done over 43 years in teaching, that your courses, and those of Tony Atwood, are always the most practical, usable and transferable from one situation to another and to help other young teachers to enhance the methods they have learned but have had few opportunities to use in practice. This excites them and gives this old teacher a very warm heart.
The emotional regulation course was very quickly used to help several children in different classes to both self regulate when anxious, and lead other children in those classes, to learn skills of kind, if not always quite appropriate responses, when their classmates behave in an unexpected way.
We have several assessed ASD children and others who struggle to feel they are a part of the social community around them. I am very glad to have support and further learning from you to use everyday.
I am not only grateful that my centre is inclusive of older staff members but I can stay up to date with all the fabulous research being done to give our children the very best start to their learning life.

Pre-School Teacher

  • “Four per cent of NSW public school students, or 32,300 children, received short-term suspensions last year, with more than 9000 of them in primary school.
  • About 1.5 per cent of all students were given long-term suspensions, lasting for between four and 20 days.”
  • Advocacy groups believe that “there are high numbers of primary school students with disabilities suspended for behaviour they cannot control.” (Baker, 2019)
I am a Psychologist with 20 years experience and found your course was incredibly helpful, full of common sense and easy to follow suggestions that actually work and make a significant difference in the lives of children, families and professionals who work with kids with ASD.


It has transformed me as a teacher. This year has been tough for us all but I was after 20 years of teaching seriously thinking it was time for me to leave! Until I found your course. We are constantly told what PD we HAVE to do but for once I have done what I personally needed for my own well being and my students. I have my mojo back thanks to Sue. It’s an exciting journey and I’m hooked. Thanks so much for empowering me to unpack my wonderful class of individual jewels.



l’ve become more aware of different strategies and how to better develop strategies for those with different needs. l have also gained a better understanding of executive functions and how that influences regulating emotions


Pre-School Teacher

I feel better equipped to address emotional regulation with my students and reassured that if a particular strategy doesn’t work, I should persevere with other strategies until I find one that does work.



What Teacher & Parent of 2 Boys with ASD says about the course:

I am a graduate teacher who has a number of ASD and ADD diagnosed student in her 2021 class. This course has provided me with strategies to take with me to start the year. I have used this course to design a 3 stage plan to start the school year, whilst also having numerous other techniques to utilise ones getting to know my individual students.



It hasn’t just given me a bunch of info where I am left feeling overwhelmed, it has given me so many strategies and tools to go and use!



Provided a deeper understanding of emotional regulation strategies and the importance of identifying the emotion first before using strategies.



This has been so extremely helpful and insightful for me, for the whole class, as there are so many different children with different needs, etc.



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