RED and BLUE BOOK BUNDLE (Digital Version)


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  • Hundreds of ideas you can try. Setting up the classroom, the role of the teacher assistant, behaviour in the classroom and playground, stages of anxiety, transition, sensory toys and activities. Includes frequently asked questions and MORE!
  • Hundreds of Ideas for supporting students with ASD, ADHD, ADD, ODD Atypical Autism & PDD-NOS
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A person who is in a teaching-related position within a school may be known as many different names depending on the country they are in and the school system which supports the learning process. In these two books we refer to Teachers Assistants, however they may be known as a Para – Professional, Para Pro, Para Educator, Teaching Assistant, Instructional Assistant, Educational Assistant, Teacher’s Aide or Classroom Assistant, a Special Education Support Officer (SESO), Support Officer, Inclusion Teacher, Inclusion Coach, or Learning Support Teacher.

In every country the role may vary and involve different duties, however, you will find that the strategies in this book will be very valuable in helping you to work with students with differing abilities and disabilities.

Whatever the title, all we can say is that you are angels sent to teachers, parents and carers. Thank you for your commitment to working with our students and for remembering they are children first and foremost.