Dr Tony Attwood – What is ASD & Understanding Diagnosis

Proven Strategies By The World Expert & No1 Speaker

In this Webinar you will learn:

  1. The seven parts of the Criteria for diagnosis of ASD and what the means
  2. Profile of Abilities of Girls - The Mask, Hiding Tactics
  3. Profile of Abilities of Girls with ASD

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Why Is This Free Webinar for Me?


ASD Facts #1 Not Every Strategy Works for Every Child

You need to review 100s of ideas and strategies to find the ones that work and/or you can modified for the child you know.

Save You Time ... lots of time

You could spend hours searching the internet for ideas … or one resources that has over 500 practical, proven strategies and ideas.

Structured, Logical and Engaging Explanation


ASD Fact #2 Strategies Wear Out

Really frustrating to put hours into a preparing a strategy only to find it doesn’t work and/or wears out. Time savers and pre-pared strategies make it easy to adjust and try new ideas without the fear of wasting excessive effort/time.

Hearing from a World Expert

Tony is an outstanding communicator: appearing on 60 Minutes, ABC’s Health Report, presenting workshops around the world and sold over 400,000 of his book Asperger’s Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals, and it has been translated into twenty languages.