UsING Cooking to Teach Children with Autism

Cooking Fun for Kids with Autism!

Cooking can be a fun way to teach a variety of skills like reading, understanding, following steps, and even math!

I have some fantastic free resources to help you in teaching children with autism.



🌟 Pikelet Paradise: Dive into cooking with our easy Pikelet Recipe tailored for children with autism. Engage their senses and fine motor skills as they create fluffy pikelets, fostering independence and joy in the kitchen!

🌟 Banana Choc Muffins Magic: Spark culinary curiosity with our Banana Choc Muffins Recipe. Simple steps and sensory-rich experiences make baking a delight, empowering kids with autism to explore, learn, and enjoy homemade treats!

🌟 Inclusive Cooking Resource: Discover our guide designed to support teaching cooking to children with autism. Packed with tips, strategies, and visual aids, this resource enhances the cooking experience, making it accessible and enjoyable for all.



About the author

sue larkey strategies for teaching students with Autism Spectrum

Sue Larkey is a highly qualified educator who has taught students with autism spectrum disorder in the mainstream and special schools. She combines practical experience with extensive research having completed a Masters in Special Education. Winner of Naturally Autistic 2013 International Award for Community Contribution.   Sue has authored 18 books on Autism Spectrum and Neurodiversity.

“Armed with the tools of understanding and confidence, much can be achieved.”
Sue Larkey